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Catalogue:  6. Adherence Support to PLWA 

1. Uniting the world against AIDS.  
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Information: For over 25 years, our world has been living with HIV. And in just this short time, AIDS has become one of the make-or-break global crises of our age, undermining not just the health prospects of entire societies but also their ability to reduce poverty, promote development, and maintain national 000 people die from AIDS-related illnesses.
Yet, despite the magnitude of the AIDS crisis, today we are at a time of great hope and great opportunity to get ahead of the epidemic. Our crisis-response tactics have led to real progress against AIDS.
Funding for efforts against AIDS has risen from ‘millions’ to ‘billions’ in just a decade. Political commitment and leadership on AIDS is higher than ever before. In more and more countries — including some of the world’s poorest — we are seeing real results in terms of lives saved because effective HIV prevention and treatment programmes are being made widely available. Leaders of both developing and rich countries have now committed themselves to working together so as to get close to universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support by 2010 — a critical stepping stone to halting the epidemic by 2015, as set out in the Millennium Development Goals.  
Year of publishing: 2007 
Language of document: russian  Page: 16 
Journal or place of publishing: UNAIDS, Geneva  Internet - reference:  
2. Global Task Team, A pathway to implement the "Three Ones". 
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Information: This note addressed to UN country teams, UNAIDS Country Coordinators (UCCs) and their staff is intended to clarify the global processes in support of harmonization of the AIDS response at country level, and the opportunities at country level to make progress based on these processes to “make the money work”.
This note provides a brief overview of the global commitments, actions and expected follow-up to the recommendations at country level. It also offers easy access to the key resource documents as well as contact information for focal persons for specifi c recommendations.
The Global Task Team (GTT) developed global commitments to support implementation of the “Three Ones” principles at country level. The GTT recommendations are elements of the harmonization process necessary for the scaling-up of the country level response to achieve as close as possible to universal access to prevention, care, treatment and support.
The “Three Ones” Principles:
- One agreed HIV/AIDS Action Framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners.
- One National HIV/AIDS Coordinating Authority, with a broad-based multisectoral mandate.
- One agreed HIV/AIDS country-level Monitoring and Evaluation System.  
Year of publishing: 2006 
Language of document: russian  Page: 20 
Journal or place of publishing: UNAIDS, Geneva  Internet - reference: