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Foreign publications

Catalogue:  10. National M&E system, including Operational Research 

1. Ethical Considerations in HIV preventative vaccine research. 
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Information: As we enter the third decade of the AIDS pandemic, there still remains no effective HIV preventive vaccine. As the numbers of those infected by HIV and dying from AIDS increase dramatically, the need for such a vaccine becomes ever more urgent. Several HIV candidate vaccines are at various stages candidate vaccines be studied simultaneously in different populations around the world. This in turn will require a large international cooperative effort drawing on partners from various health sectors, intergovernmental organizations, government, research institutions, industry, and affected populations. It will also require that these partners be able and willing to address the difficult ethical concerns that arise during the development of HIV vaccines.   Year of publishing: 2004 
Language of document: russian  Page: 52 
Journal or place of publishing: UNAIDS, Geneva  Internet - reference:  
2. National AIDS Councils: monitoring and evaluation operations manual. 
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Information: This manual is designed as a practical toolkit and road map for practitioners to use in designing and implementing programme M&E. While published jointly by UNAIDS and the World Bank, it has benefited from extensive consultation and piloting among African countries and other stakeholders who recognize the importance of M&E as an essential weapon in the war against HIV/AIDS.
This manual is intended for: NACs, particularly those that are taking on the role of grant-provider, and their public sector and civil society implementing partners in sub-Saharan Africa; and donor institutions that are involved in the preparation, implementation and M&E of HIV/AIDS programmes in partnership with NACs. 
Year of publishing: 2007 
Language of document: russian  Page: 52 
Journal or place of publishing: World Bank/UNAIDS  Internet - reference:  
3. Monitoring the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS Guidelines on Construction of Core Indicators. 
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Information: The primary purpose of this document is to provide key constituents, who are actively involved in an individual country’s response to HIV and AIDS, with essential information on core indicators that measure the effectiveness of the national response. These guidelines will also help ensure the transparency of the process usedby national governments and UNAIDS to prepare progress reports on implementation of the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.
Countries are strongly encouraged to integrate the core indicators into their ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. These indicators are designed to help countries assess the current state of their national response while simultaneously contributing to a better understanding of the global response to the AIDS pandemic, including progress towards meeting the Declaration of Commitment targets. Given the parallel applications of the indicators, the guidelines in this document are designed to improve the quality and consistency of data collected at country level, which will enhance the accuracy of conclusions drawn from the data at both regional and global levels.
This document also includes an overview of global indicators that will be used by UNAIDS and its partners to assess key components of the response that are best measured on a worldwide basis.  
Year of publishing: 2005 
Language of document: russian  Page: 112 
Journal or place of publishing: UNAIDS, Geneva  Internet - reference: